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Chart Area Seating's Supporting Schools programme

Our Supporting Schools programme comprises the following key principles:

Information: The provision of clear, accurate and comprehensive resources to the decision-makers at academic institutions to enable them to comprehensively research Product: We regularly take in sample chairs to schools and often leave them with the school to allow the team there to assess and evaluate the chair they are considering over several days to ensure they have fully satisfied themselves the chair represents the right answer for the school
Financial: Offering the most aggressive discounts possible to enable schools to obtain the very best quality chairs possible with the budgets at their disposal

At Chart Area Seating we have had the opportunity to work closely with some of the UK's leading schools to deliver new seating which better serves the energetic, vibrant and dynamic environments of the modern learning provider.

Through this experience and in speaking to the committed professionals who facilitate the highest standards of learning we have gained invaluable insight into some of the challenges which confront school staff and the many demands which are placed on them.

At Chart Area Seating we firmly believe that good quality, design led stacking and linking seating can enhance the learning experience for pupils as well as better reflecting the values of these schools.

We feel strongly that a more comfortable chair with ergonomic features reduces user discomfort and improves attention and concentration levels allowing the user to focus more fully on the lessons and lectures.

A well designed stacking or linking chair can incorporate features which make it safer to use preventing tipping back alleviating pressure on the chairs' joints and reducing the chances of falling backwards.

At Chart Area Seating we specialise in the supply of stacking seating and linking chairs which are manufactured with environmental and ecological sensitivity, utilising recycled and recyclable materials meaning that the children who sit on them today may be using them in an entirely different form a generation later.

We at Chart Area Seating really want all pupils and their schools to be able to enjoy the benefits of the developments and progressive features incorporated in leading stacking and linking chairs and this led us to launch our Supporting Schools programme. Realising that the teams who work at schools are under incredible time-pressure we wanted to do all that is possible to provide support when they came to address a requirement for new seating.

If you are a school with a current seating requirement and would like to receive some information on seating products please don't hesitate to contact us or email advising your quantity and specification requirement and project timeframe

To read about schools who have already worked with us to procure new stacking and linking seating please visit our References page


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Chart Area Seating - specialists in lecture theatre seating, high-density seating for conference, seminar and lecture facilities, function rooms and banqueting

At Chart Area Seating we specialise in the specification, supply and delivery of system seating solutions including high-density stacking chairs, tip-up and fixed seating for auditoria and lecture theatres, beam and pedestal mounted seating, home cinema seating, courtroom seating, airport, concourse and waiting area seating.

These seating products are used in seminar and conference facilities, in waiting areas and on concourses, in auditoria, theatres and training rooms. Working with some of the best-established and innovative manufacturers we listen to our clients, understand their requirements and propose the right solutions tailor-made to suit their needs.

We provide technical support and product guidance on this specialised product sector to architects and designers, end-users and specifiers.

Lecture Theatre Seating

Lecture Theatre and Auditorium Seating is one of the key areas for Chart Area Seating and we are proud to have installed tip-up and fixed seating in some of the UK's most prestigious academic and corporate institutions working with our clients at every stage of the design, specification and installation process to create superb lecture theatre facilities.

Our portfolio incorporates an extensive range of beam, pedestal and floor mounted seating products which ensures we can propose the best lecture theatre seating solution to match your specific and unique requirements. View our range of lecture theatre seating here and view our gallery of lecture theatre seating products.

We have prepared a guide to planning an effective lecture theatre which is available to read here.

We have also compiled a list of some of the most important elements of an effective lecture theatre seating environment as nominated by those who use them most; students, and this is available to read here.

Visit our references page to view the list of clients we have worked with to create effective lecture theatres.

Court Room Seating Furniture

We are proud to have installed Court Room Seating to over 100 court houses and complexes throughout the UK. Our references page lists some of the courtrooms using seating provided by Chart Area Seating, alternatively please contact us and we will be delighted to send you the full reference list and presentation.