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Welcome to Chart Area Seating: specialists in providing waiting area seating solutions. Our product portfolio includes metal seating, perforated metal seating, metal tip-up seating and upholstered waiting area seating. Strong, tough, robust seating solutions for waiting areas, concourses, stations and terminals, airports and ports.

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• Durable, proven build quality
• Accessories include arms, tables and writing tablets
• Freedom to move legs to avoid air vents and other floor obstructions
• Componentised system facilitates replacement of individual elements maximising cost-efficiencies



CAS_LEY_PROG_UNO on beam is a modular seating system, consisting of die-cast aluminium frames multi-units with a wide variety of options, which has been developed to offer the most suitable solutions for the multiple requirements of community environments.

The pleasing aesthetic look and the adaptability, functionality and easy cleaning features have made ourCAS_LEY_PROG_UNO on beam the perfect solution for many auditoriums, lecture halls, courtrooms, airports and waiting and reception areas all over the world.

Hundreds of architects, interior designers and specifiers worldwide have already chosen CAS_LEY_PROG_UNO for their most prestigious jobs.






CAS_CAST_AX10K is ideally suited to public waiting areas. Whether in an airport or station, for minutes or hours, CAS_CAST_AX10K is versatile enough to accommodate any individual, and modern enough to suit any architectural style. This product can be fixed to the ground, or left mobile without impairing stability.

You can choose two widths for your CAS_CAST_AX10K seats, and finish them with upholstery, beech plywood veneer, or a simple steel and aluminium powder paint. The beam seats can be constructed in a straight line, or on a curve, and supplemented with backless bench seats. CAS_CAST_AX10K offers individuality en masse.

The CAS_CAST_AX10K range is completed by accessories including armrests, service tables that can be fixed to the beam and spacer connections for keeping rows the correct distance apart.





When designing the programme, Giancarlo Piretti aimed to create seating that would meet the needs of both temporary and permanent congregation areas. The portfolio has since been expanded and improved upon to include both CAS_CAST_AX3K and CAS_CAST_AX4K, providing solutions for auditoriums, theatres, meeting rooms and waiting areas.
CAS_CAST_AX is a range of individual stackable chairs that can be used to furnish general workspaces, or linked to cater for multi-purpose audience areas, either short or long term.

The CAS_CAST_AX3K and CAS_CAST_AX4K models offer the same style of seat, but attached to a beam, or mounted directly onto steps or slopes to create raked seating. The 4K range consists of flip up seats for ease of access within an auditorium.
Accessories for the seats include various types of armrests, folding writing tablets, document racks, place markers and row markers. Beam seating models can be supplemented with fixed desks.










The CAS_MATT_MEET seating programme offers multiple seating solutions for concourses, waiting areas and communal spaces. Extruded aluminium beam support, of special section, epoxy painted. Feet, seating and convenience table supports made by die-cast aluminium, epoxy painted. Oval section steel frame for the seating structure, which can be covered with soft leather or coach hide. The seat body is also available in moulded perforated aluminium, which can be equipped on demand with back-rest and seat-rest cushions covered with soft leather or coach hide and even in fabric.

The seat and back-rest cushions are padded with high density polyurethane foam glued to a steel flat support covered with nylon or canvas fabric. Moulded nylon feet glides, black colour, with anti-slipper rubber cap, assuring adjustable height and shock absorber.




Designed specifically for the needs of seating for concourses, waiting areas and public spaces, CAS_RHU_VOY beam seating is robust, durable and stylish combining comfort and practicality.

CAS_RHU_VOY is ideally suited for use in public seating environments including airport terminals and concourses, rail and bus terminals and high traffic public waiting areas such as law courts and police stations.

The one piece metal seat face can be augmented with upholstered seat and back pads.



This elegant and stylish metal seating bench system is ideally suited for use on concourses and waiting areas including airports, stations and terminals and as court room waiting area seating.

Robust, durable, stylish and comfortable metal waiting area seating in cool grey finish, CAS_DIMM_AIR can be specified with and without arms and can be supplied with tables.




CAS_CAST_AX9K provides the perfect solution for institutional seating in universities, auditoria or conference halls. The range can be installed in a straight line or a curve, on steps or a slope, and consists of flip up seats to ensure ease of access.

You can choose whether your CAS_CAST_AX9K fold up seats or back rests are upholstered, finished in beech plywood veneer, or come in a simple steel and aluminium powder painted finish. This final option is ideal for waiting areas and concourse seating areas where fire and scratch resistance are a high priority. CAS_CAST_AX9K is one of the few waiting area seating systems which offers steel seat and back in a tip-up seat maximising robust toughness whilst minimising space requirements.

The range also offers desks, either as fixed or flip up tables, or foldaway armrest writing tablets. The fixed desks include cable management with optional power and network connections.

CAS_CAST_AX9K offers even more accessories including: individual armrests, modesty panels, seat and row numbers and even an under-seat document rack.


At Chart Area Seating we specialise in the specification, supply and delivery of system seating solutions including high-density stacking chairs, tip-up and fixed seating for auditoria and lecture theatres, beam and pedestal mounted seating, home cinema seating, courtroom seating, airport, concourse and waiting area seating. these seating products are used in seminar and conference facilities, in waiting areas and on concourses, in auditoria, theatres and training rooms.

Working with some of the best-established and innovative manufacturers we listen to our clients, understand their requirements and propose the right solutions tailor-made to suit their needs.

We provide technical support and product guidance on this specialised product sector to architects and designers, end-users and specifiers.