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Title: "The brain can only absorb that which the backside can endure…"
Subject: The importance of comfort in chairs and seating in educational and learning spaces


Whether it’s the opera or theatre, the cinema or a seminar we can all relate to those aches and pains as we squirm and shift to try to find a more comfortable position.

And while we’re concentrating on that task we lose focus on the performance or speaker distracted by the pressing need to stop our chair from making us suffer!

Even the most engaging and compelling speaker can find themselves fighting a losing battle to retain their audience’s attention when the chairs and seating are not offering adequate comfort and this problem is particularly damaging when in an educational environment where every minute counts.

At Chart Area Seating we are firmly committed to helping educators with their most vital of jobs. We can’t do the clever stuff like explain the Third Law of Thermal Dynamics or conjugate the Spanish verb ‘to water-ski’ but ask us about ‘waterfall edges’ or a ‘graduated sit’ and watch us go!

And in our little way we know that this can help the clever people pass on what they know to tomorrow’s clever people. Pleasingly, seating and chair manufacturers’ have responded to the challenge of making chairs more comfortable and increasingly factor this in as an inherent element of the design of the stacking and linking seating intended for use in educational environments.

This has led to some fantastic flexible and agile seating products which allow us to tailor the solution to the specific learning space.

Seating products offer key features such as:

• Waterfall seat edges
• Raked back legs to prevent users tipping-back
• Ergonomic seat and back designs
• Optional seat/backrest pads to enhance comfort
• Optional arm rests to assist mobility-impaired users
• Optional writing tablets which can be positioned to provide writing surfaces for both left and right-handed users

If you have a requirement for stacking or linking chairs or seating for an educational / seminar / lecture space and are concerned about your users comfort and would like more information on some of the seating options available to you please get in touch!

Email us at or call us on 01342 326659

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