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We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with one of the UK's most talented and creative companies, Stage One, to provide seating for the UK Pavilion at the Milan Expo

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CAS_PSI_RIV chairs in use in the UK Pavilion at the International Expo, Milan

Product features:

Great value stacking and linking chair
Lightweight and easy to move
Padded and upholstered seat and back option for enhanced comfort
Polypropylene version stacks 45 high on a transport dolly

About the client

The UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 is inspired by the journey of the honey bee and highlights the vital role of pollination in the global food chain. It is a metaphor for how the UK is a hive of innovation and creativity helping to feed the planet.

The UK Pavilion takes you on an immersive journey through a British orchard and wildflower meadow, before entering a 14 metre high hive. A series of landscapes tells the story of how Britain contributes world leading solutions to some of today's greatest challenges

The decision making process

Chart Area Seating were delighted to be involved with Stage One assisting with the provision of technical specifications, finish options and time frames to ensure the correct option was selected for this prestigious venue.

Key factors

Flexibility was one of the key considerations for this seating requirement. Chairs needed to stack for space-efficient storage and link to ensure safety in-use. A cost-effective solution was also sought to meet the projects' tightly defined budget.

We proposed the CAS_PSI_RIV chair which is a fantastic cost-effective stacking and linking chair available in a white polypropylene finish offering both durability and coherence with the wider design scheme. We suggested to the client the chair requirement was augmented by transport dollies to ensure the chairs could be moved easily and quickly and these transport dollies also offer space-efficient storage with 45 chairs stacking on a single dolly taking up less than a square metre of floor space.

The chairs were complemented by 10 CAS_FRO_FOL folding tables which ensure that the entire space can be re-configured as required and all the furniture condenses for minimal storage space requirements.

CAS summary: "It was a privilege to work with the team at Stage One and to have the opportunity to provide chairs to be used in such a prestigious venue as the UK Pavilion. Our role here was all about listening to the fantastic defined brief from the client and propose several options which met the key criteria and from there we were led by the clients' excellent eye for the right design and detail."

Clients who have selected the CAS_PSI_RIV chair have also considered:




Product features:

Similar comfort to CAS_CAS_CURV
Convenient handle cut-out to backrest
Padded and upholstered seat and back option for enhanced comfort
Lower price-point than CAS_CAS_CURV

OK, so what's the downside...?

The CAS_CAS_CARV chair doesn't stack quite as high as the CAS_CAS_CURV so if storage space is limited the CAS_CAS_CURV might give you the space efficient storage you need

Also, the joint welds are not quite as elegant as on the CAS_CAS_CURV - this is a small detail that you might not even notice but we always want to tell you what to look out for!

Learn more about the CAS_CAS_CARV stacking linking chair here




Product features:

Various glides options
Transport dolly available
Digital and analogue numbering
Brilliant innovative integrated llinking offers very fast setting-out
Upholstered seat pad available
Fully recyclable and very tough and durable plastic material
Great for infection-control areas

OK, so what's the downside...?

Stacking ability is less than rod steel frame chairs

The apparently simple construction belies a level of sophistication and thought which has gone into the design and development of this chair and this has resulted in a price-point which reflects this advanced construction - this can come as a bit of a surprise when applied to what initially appears to be a simple plastic chair.

Learn more about the CAS_CAS_MON stacking linking chair here

If you're looking for a cost-effective plastic chair which still offers real design integrity, choice of colours and sturdy construction why not look at CAS_KIU_POS



Product features:

Designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort
Complies with BS EN 1729 Parts 1 & 2 for dimensions, strength and stability
Can be stacked to 12 high for convenient storage and transport
Durable, stain resistant and 100% recyclable
Available in a range of vibrant colours
Upholstered seat available for added comfort and aesthetics

OK, so what's the downside...?

Hmmm, hard to think of anything significant which counts against this chair - if you are looking for a cost-effective chair which still offers a level of ergonomic design and can be specified in a wide range of colours this is a fantastic option.

In terms of aesthetic think playful rather than sophisticated and if that fits your requirement it's a great choice.

Learn more about the CAS_KIU_POS here CAS_KIU_POS



Product features:

An amazing chair!
The innovative and ground-breaking design includes an integrated linking device which facilitates fast setting-out with no loose linking components
Three shell shapes give a choice of aesthetic and a range of materials allow you to choose between timber seat shell, partly or fully-upholstered, polypropylene and laminate

OK, so what's the downside...?

The linking method only allows setting-out in one direction so you can only create and seperate a row from one side - not a biggy but something to bear in mind

It also doesn't stack as high as the other chairs - 12 high on a transport dolly

Learn more about the CAS_CAS_LYN stacking linking chair here

The way that we work

At the core of our approach to client service is the aim of acting with integrity and courtesy throughout our relationship with you, our client. We call it the CAS VIP service and you can read more about it here.

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